Does Your Child Have Acne?

bellederm-skincare-productsAs our kids start reaching their teen years you will notice their skin changing due to the fluctuation of their hormones and probably they are not the greatest at washing their face. You may notice blackheads, bumpy skin, active acne such as pustules and cysts.

It is at this time that we need to start training them to take care of their skin. Here are a few points to address with them:

  • They need to wash every day with a cleanser. Hopefully twice a day!
  • They need to make sure to wash after sports. Not go around after practice and games with sweat and dirt on the face.
  • Clean their cell phones with alcohol.
  • Keep their hair off their forehead
  • Hair products can break out their face as well
  • Also, when showering, it is important to cleanse hair first then wash the body and ridding it of all the oils found in shampoo and conditioners that run over the face and back and chest.

If they do have mild acne, blackheads or bumps, they should be:

  • exfoliating with a slightly abrasive cleanser
  • using a benzoyl peroxide ointment (kills bacteria)
  • (benzoyl peroxide is an antibacterial topical for the face, chest and back)
  • Salicylic Acid (for oil control)
  • this can help decrease oil production by decreasing the size of the oil glands in the skin. But not to much or they will get very dry)
  • Moisturize & sun block


My stance on Proactive is that it is a good product but…… In it’s system it uses all the above treatments to maintain good skin. It is full of salicylic acid so can be very drying. Also, for adults using this system, your skin is producing less oil as you age and this product will make you even more dry. The dryer your skin the more oil it wants to produce to hydrate you. Therefore increase break outs. So this is not a very good product for the 30+ crowd.

I always say use the cleanser and skip the toner. It is full of Salicylic Acid.

The system also contains high amounts of benzoyl peroxide. You will notice bleach spots on your sheets and towels. You can get over the counter benzoyl peroxide that will not bleach all your linens.

Let me say again, that I like Proactive. It does it’s job. I just did not like using it for all its drying properties and the fact that it ruined all my linens. I want to be able to offer what I feel is a better alternative for acne skin types.

A little bit goes along way with these products for controlling acne and improving skin texture.

My choice is the BelleDerm Clear Kit. It contains a scrub, benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid treatment and a moisturizer for acneic skin types.