Buttocks Acne Treatment Tips

Ever run your hand across your back side only to find that the skin is sporting some pimples? You’re not alone. Pimples on the buttocks are actually relatively common. Dirt and moisture get trapped by your clothing — add the friction that comes from sitting, and you’ve got a recipe for breakouts. These little bumps are known as folliculitis. Folliculitis is a surface inflammation of the hair follicles. They are formed by dead skin cells and bacteria collecting in these hair follicles. Unfortunately, athletes, such as cyclist and runners, are particularly prone to butt acne (read on to find out why). There is some good news though: there are four steps that you can use to get rid of—and prevent—these dreaded pimples:

  1. Use a Benzoyl Peroxide Body Wash
    To eradicate these bumps, using a body wash with benzoyl peroxide (antibacterial) will help cut down on the surface bacteria. Try Bellederm Clear Wash or Complexion Cleansing Gel. Exfoliating will also expedite removal of any sweat, bacteria, or dead skin cells that may be sitting on the surface. Try Exfoliating Scrub.
  2. Unclog Pores with Salicylic, Lactic or Glycolic Acid
    Working toward a bump-free butt? Prevent future developments by unclogging pores with daily use twice a day and after exercise. These acids are used to dry up and slough off the dead skin and dirt that clog the follicle. There are varying strengths on the market.  A high level does not equal better results.  It can actually increase break out and make the skin very dry. Try Bellederm Skin Renew Concentrate, Clear Spot Treatment, and Glycare Clarifying Lotion.
  3. Use a Lactic or Glycolic Acid Lotion
    While you may think that slathering on a moisturizing body lotion would be counter-intuitive, it’s not. The lactic/glycolic acid in certain serums/lotions/moisturizers gently exfoliate off dead skin cells, and opens the pores so that the benzoyl peroxide may penetrate. Try Bellederm Clear Moisturizer and Glycare Clarifying Lotion.
  4. Always Shower After any Form of Exercise
    All right, do you sometimes sit around in your workout clothes after you’ve been hitting it hard in the gym or riding your bike? This bad habit can lead to butt bumps. It’s best to shower right after a workout so you don’t sit around in clothing you’ve been sweating in that’s filled with bacteria.


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