Men’s Skin Care

Men Essentials Basic Training


Purpose: Remove dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil, and other pollutants. Help to unclog pores and reduce development and appearance of blemishes and acne.


Purpose: Cleans pores. Removes cleanser or shaving residue. Restores the skin’s acid mantle (lowers elevated pH levels) after cleansing or shaving, and makes the skin less vulnerable to bacteria. Reduces mid-day shine (excess oil build up).


Purpose: Prevents moisture in the top layer of skin from evaporating, or absorbs into to the top layer of skin to promote water retention.

Post-shave Spot Treatment

Purpose: Eliminates ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Eye Cream / Eye Gel

Purpose: Reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. Reduces swollen tissue & puffiness caused by fatigue, rubbing, or allergies. Reduces dark circles caused by fatigue/allergies.

Facial Scrub

Purpose: Removes excess dead skin cells. Helps to unclog pores and reduce the development & appearance of acne blemishes. Helps to dislodge ingrown hairs from beneath the upper layers of skin.

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