Skin Care in Your 50’s and Beyond

Reverse Damage

Unless you have never smiled in your life, you are going to have wrinkles and crow’s-feet. as the collagen is reduced you will notice sagging and wrinkles. Stimulating collagen production is the key in helping reverse skin damage.

  • Pigment changes, thinning in certain areas and clumping in others, leading to age spots
  • Less oil production resulting in dryer skin
  • Genetic disposition to certain problems become evident, such as bags under the eyes, pigmentation or the appearance of a double chin
  • Precancerous formation are more likely
  • Decrease production of elastin and collagen causing droopiness in the skin
  • Skin may become thinner
  • Hormonal changes cause reduction in oil productions decreased estrogen and increase in testosterone may cause breakouts
  • Creapiness starts to be a problem
  • Lashes begin to thin
  • Need for increased moisture

Using Retin A, antioxidant such as vitamin C/L-ascorbic acid, and glycolic, salicylic, and lactid acids or the nutrients your skin need to feed the skin and help stimulate collagen.