Smooth Your Leathery Skin

FaceWashAs summer approaches it is important for the outside enthusiast to remember to take precautions with their skin.  Also, men who have facial skin that is starting to look leathery from outside work need to pay heed to this article.

Ladies, sometimes it is our responsibility to help our men take care of their skin.  If you can use a scrub (such as Bellederm Exfoliating Scrub) on the face and hands this will help to improve the skins texture and age/sunspots.  Followed by a good moisture that contains a glycolic acid in it.  Lastly, applying a good sunblock such as Tizo3 Mineral Sunblock totally blocks out the UVA/UVB sun rays.  Apply the sunblock to these areas at least every four hours and you will notice a difference in the skins texture and evens out  the skins tone. For significant spots there are prescription strength creams that you may apply to these areas as well